COVID19 Update August 2020 System of Controls

The following link is for the guidance issued by the Government for early years settings and contains the System of Controls that are advised for all settings.  At Lake Street Nursery we will be ensuring that our system of controls is as robust as possible as we head into Term 1, September 2020.

Although we no longer have to remain in strict ‘bubbles’ we will continue to minimise contacts for the children and staff by working in two Key Base teams across the week and implementing socially distanced measures as we can, for example, limiting the size of groups eating together, the numbers of children using the bathroom at any one time.

Adults will not routinely be allowed into the building and dropping off and picking up will continue to be done outside.  Parents needing to spend time settling children will be able to come on site, into the garden in order to do this as their child starts. Any essential visitors coming into the building will be expected to wear masks.

Do take time to read the advise as it will give an understanding of the measures being put in place to protect us all.

Thank You Catherine Morey, Manager.

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Nursery providing education and care for children aged 2 - 4 years old

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