A friendly, nurturing place for 2-4 year-olds in the heart of Hinksey Park. We are passionate about learning through play.

Rated OUTSTANDING by Ofsted


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What will we sing together
at nursery today?

The Dragon Rhyme

I saw a bright red dragon Swoop down into our yard, He looked quite fierce and menacing We’d best be on our guard! He ate up all the bird seed, And drank from all the pans, He played in all the flower beds, left footprints in the sand. He breathed his fiery breath And gaveContinue reading “The Dragon Rhyme”

to try at home

Easy ideas for playing, learning,
and connecting

Chatty Tuesday

Oxfordshire County Council have launched Chatty Tuesdays: great ideas to support communication, language and literacy development. #ChattyTuesdayToday’s Top Tip is to encourage children to listen to the sounds around them. Go for a listening walk and chat together about the sounds that you can hear. Use your voice to copy the sounds. Find pictures inContinue reading “Chatty Tuesday”

Lake Street Nursery

Hinksey Park
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