Ofsted Report

Ofsted web sitePlease note that Lake Street changed its legal status in March 2018, which means that Lake Street Playgroup is marked as ‘closed’ on the Ofsted website. A new Ofsted page has been created under the new name of the setting, which you can reach through the ‘associated providers’ section.   The new name of the organisation is Lake Street Nursery and Pre-School and we will be adapting our web-site and branding to reflect this as the year progresses.

While the legal status of the setting may have changed, our staff, management, premises, committee members, and approach to learning through play remain the same under the new organisation, which means you can expect the same outstanding level of childcare.

Lake Street Playgroup’s latest Ofsted inspection was on 7th October 2014. We were delighted to be rated as OUTSTANDING.

The inspection report summarises the overall assessment by saying:

  • Staff promote children’s learning and development exceptionally well, skilfully planning activities to address their particular needs and interests.
  •  Staff develop extremely strong, trusting relationships with children. They successfully meet children’s welfare needs in a very safe, caring and stimulating environment.
  •  Highly effective monitoring by managers ensures that educational programmes are successful and help to promptly identify any emerging gaps in children’s learning.
  • Children receive superb support to prepare them for their future move to school.

The full report is available here:

Lake Street Playgroup’s Ofsted Page

Or download as a PDF:

Ofsted Report PDF