We take our responsibility for educating your child very seriously. Here are some of our core policy documents. These are reviewed regularly by the Manager and staff team and by the Committee. Please always feel confident to bring anything you may be concerned about to our attention and meet with your Key Person or the Manager to discuss anything that might be worrying you about the care your child receives.


Safeguarding and child protection policy (update 2021)

Child Protection is our highest priority. Our staff and volunteers receive regular accredited safeguarding training. Everyone has a duty to report if they feel a child or vulnerable adult may come to harm or is being harmed.

Internet and Electronic Device Use

More and more devices are technically capable of connecting us to the outside world
and contain recording and camera as an inbuilt feature. The COVID pandemic has
increased this process as services have moved to less face to face contact.

Care and wellbeing

Key person, settling-in, and two-year progress check

Promoting positive behaviour policy

Inclusion and diversity

British values

Special educational needs and disabilities policy

Diversity and equality policy

Health and safety

Health and safety policy

Children’s safety and security

Allergies and sickness policy

Nappy changing and personal care policy

Outings and visits policy

Accidents and incidents policy

Administering Medicines

Animals in the setting policy

Food and drink policy

Food hygiene

Missing child policy

Lock down procedure

Fire safety and emergency evacuation

Uncollected child policy

Risk assessment

Staff and administrative

Recruitment, employment and staffing policy

Volunteering policy

Provider records

Child records

Complaints policy

Whistle blowing policy

Terms and Conditions