TAP – Thursday Afternoon Play 3-5pm

We are pleased to be able to continue TAP at this time: 3-5pm on Thursday afternoons. Term time only. Sarah Korting is our facilitator for TAP and will be there to welcome Nursery families via the sidegate into Nursery. Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to welcome families from the wider community butContinue reading “TAP – Thursday Afternoon Play 3-5pm”

Chatty Tuesday

Oxfordshire County Council have launched Chatty Tuesdays: great ideas to support communication, language and literacy development. #ChattyTuesdayToday’s Top Tip is to encourage children to listen to the sounds around them. Go for a listening walk and chat together about the sounds that you can hear. Use your voice to copy the sounds. Find pictures inContinue reading “Chatty Tuesday”

COVID19 Update August 2020 System of Controls

The following link is for the guidance issued by the Government for early years settings and contains the System of Controls that are advised for all settings.  At Lake Street Nursery we will be ensuring that our system of controls is as robust as possible as we head into Term 1, September 2020. Although weContinue reading “COVID19 Update August 2020 System of Controls”