Our approach

Our daily routine

We follow a very simple routine, with a focus on child-led discovery. The children gather together at key points during the day – for snack time, music and movement time, and group time for stories and singing. And in between, we make space and time for children to choose their own activities, inside and outside.

We think young children learn and develop best when through their own creative free play, under the care of attentive and  supportive adults. The familiar routine around their free play helps children feel secure and settled.

Your child’s key person

Feeling emotionally secure helps children really relax in their environment and gives them children the confidence to fully immerse themselves in their play and learning.

Your child’s key person becomes a special person they can build a genuine trusting bond with, and who can get to know them really well. Your key person  is responsible for a small group of children who form your child’s a key base group.  Staff will be mindful to help support friendships within the key base groups, to really enhance your child’s sense of belonging when they come to nursery.

Part of our ethos is to be child-led wherever possible. Children are always free to play with their friends outside their key base, of course! And if we (or you as a parent) notice that your child seems to really connect best with a different key person, then we offer the opportunity to move key base.

Our caring, creative, and observant staff are our single greatest resource at Lake Street Nursery. We have an ongoing programme of staff development and training.

Supporting your child’s development

We think great communication between parents and carers really makes a difference to your child’s experience. Your child’s key person will keep track of the kinds of things your child loves to do at nursery, and let you know when they learn new skills or master new challenges.

We share regular updates with you via the secure Famly app, which also has a function for parents to share comments or pictures about activities or interests at home too. This helps us really get to know your child, and make sure we are meeting their needs at nursery in a way that fits with your family values.

Your child’s key person gets to know each child in their key base group, and expertly supports activities to take into account the ages, developmental stages, preferences and skills level, of each unique child. We always meet children where they are at, celebrate what they already love, and always provide ample opportunities for them to grow, and try new things at a pace that suits them best.

Behaviour and social skills

We delight in effort, creativity, and achievement not just in children’s physical and academic development, but also in their social-emotional development too. We support the children to pay attention to their friends in their play; to delight in their friends’ delight, and empathise with their friends’ dilemmas, too. The grown-ups lead by example by recognising, naming and validating feelings.  

This provides a strong foundation of cooperation and respect, so that if there ever is disagreement (or difficulty sharing, for example) children are well placed to notice effect of their behaviour on others. Their trusted key person is always on hand to support children to make amends with one another that is simple and kind, and helps each of the children involved feel that the good in them is valued. We are so proud of children (and encourage them to be proud of themselves too) when they have made amends with a friend, or solved a disagreement.