Our space

Our outdoor space

We love to play outdoors in all weather!  We have a lovely garden that runs the perimeter of the outdoor area. The garden paths feel almost like green tunnels – perfect for running and chasing through.

We have a willow den lovely for sitting together for book reading or story telling. We delight in watching it grow even leafier and more den-like each year.

We have a garden area where we like to plant seeds and watch our vegetables grow.

We have a sandpit, trucks, outdoor blocks, and hoops, and balls and bikes. We have tree stump stepping-stones to climb and jump on.

We have a mud kitchen that’s sandy and gloopy as a good mudkitchen should be. (Don’t worry, we always have spare waterproofs to hand if you forget yours!)

 We set up a messy-activity tray most days, and will vary what’s in it according to the season and the children’s interests. For instance, sometimes we have dinosaur bones to dig up, sometimes its waterplay with boats, sometimes a bubble tray.  

Our indoor space

Inside we have a construction zone with oversized building blocks, a wooden climbing frame and slide, a play kitchen, and an indoor sandpit.

We have a small world setup, which we vary according to the season, cultural events and the children’s interests.  So it might be a woodland scene one day, for instance, with lots of things for sensory play like crunchy leaves and tinkly pebbles.

We have a table space for craft activities, playdough, and for our cooking and baking sessions too.

We have fishtank with lots of critters in to observe and care for.

We have two homely key base spaces, each has comfortable mats, books, dolls and.  The children will typically spend some time in their cosy zone with their key worker and key base group at the end of each session, to connect, reflect, tell stories together before its time to say goodbye for the day.