Management Committee

New committee members are warmly welcomed. 

Lake Street Nursery is a registered charity managed by a parent management committee. The Committee make up the Trustees of the charity. Committee members are elected by the parents of the children who attend the setting at our Annual General Meeting. The committee then meet several times a year,  and is responsible for:

  1. ensuring the charity meets its charitable purposes and statutory obligations
  2. Overseeing business planning and development
  3. employing and managing the staff
  4. making sure that the setting has, and works to, policies that help it to provide a high quality service
  5. making sure that Nursery works in partnership with the children’s parents

The Annual General Meeting is open to the parents of all of the children who attend the setting. It is our shared forum for looking back over the previous year’s activities and shaping the coming year’s plan. Parents are invited to become members of the group and as such can vote at the AGM and stand as Committee members.

Nursery relies on parent involvement for management, ideas, support and fundraising. Helping at Nursery is a great way to meet people and also be actively involved in your child’s time at the setting.  You can help Nursery in a number of ways that include: assisting during sessions and sharing a skill e.g. reading to the children, playing an instrument or cooking; organising a fundraising event or raising money for the group, joining the Management Committee, supporting events or fundraising initiatves.