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Here’s what we’re doing to keep our nursery safe in 2020-2021

From Term 3, April 2021: staff have had access to lateral flow kits to use at home. We have been testing every Sunday and Wednesday each week and record the results. Staff who test positive will stay at home and seek a confirmation test. Since we began this testing there has not been a positive case among the staff.

We continue to socially distance as a staff team while allowing the children to socialise as normal at the setting with us and with their friends. We carry out extra sanitising of the room during the day and staff regularly wash their hands and use sanitiser. The children are engaged in more handwashing as part of the general routine than pre-covid. Meal tables are sanitised before and after meals.

Visitors to Nursery are restricted, are advised to wear masks and are met outside whenever possible.

We have PPE available should a case emerge during a session, in either a child or an adult. The child or adult would then be cared for by a designated member of the team in the lobby, with respect and kindness, away from others while we await safe transportation from the setting. We would then seek advice as to any further necessary steps to avoid spread.

From the start of Term 3, 4 January 2021 we require all adults dropping off, collecting children, or visiting to wear a face mask outside as well as inside the Nursery building. Given the new strain of COVID19 can spread much faster we would like to take this extra step. The staff team will also be allowed to wear a mask when supporting at welcome or pick ups but will not be wearing masks for the general running of sessions when working with the children, unless caring for a child who is unwell.

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One-way traffic at drop off and pick up

Children will enter via the garden gate at drop off and will exit via the main lobby doors at pick up. 

At pick up, children will be escorted out of the building individually by a designated member of the team. Please wait outside in the forecourt and maintain social distancing at pick up and drop off times.  If you want to speak to your child’s Key Person, please ask and wait until all children have been collected when they will be able to come and meet with you. 

Minimal handling of belongings

Help us minimise staff handling of your child’s belongings, by putting lunch boxes, snack pots and water bottles on the designated trolley at drop off in the morning.

Collect them from the same trolley at pick up.

Please use the hand sanitiser provided for you and your child on arrival at Nursery. Sanitiser can be found on the trolleys and attached to the side-gate.

Fewer people on premises 

Parents, carers and siblings, please avoid coming into the premises wherever possible. If your child is settled and confident at drop off, please say goodbye at the gate.  

If your child is settling in, or needs more parent support, your Key Person will try to come out to your child or you may be able to come into the garden with them. You will need to maintain social distancing from others (children are free to play, we just ask adults to distance) and wear a face mask.

We hope to avoid parents coming into the building this term. However, if necessary to settle new children you will be invited into your child’s key base. You will need to wear a face covering when inside, and use hand sanitiser frequently and the time will be limited to under one hour.

Social distancing 

Outside of nursery, including at pick up and drop off time, we ask parents to practice social distancing and to wear a face mask.   For the hours that they are at nursery, children are allowed to play with their friends as normal.  

Hand washing and hygiene

Children will be supported to wash their hands more frequently than usual. This includes when they arrive at nursery; each time they come in from outside; before eating or drinking; after using the toilet; after sneezing, coughing, or blowing their nose.  

As always, we will continue to support children to practice good hygiene at a developmentally appropriate level. We only eat our own snacks and drink our own drinks, we catch our sneezes with our elbows.  

Packed lunches and snacks

We ask that children bring their own snack in a box, lunch in a box and water in a bottle. We can provide rice cakes, breads sticks, water, and milk at snack and mealtimes. To limit food handling, we will not provide cut fruit or other prepared snacks this term. 

Sickness policy

If your child is unwell, do not send them to nursery.  

If your child, yourself, or someone else in your household shows symptoms of Covid-19, do not send your child to nursery, stay home and arrange for a test. All members of the household must isolate until the results of the test are known.  

If your child, yourself, or someone else in your household tests positive for Covid-19, all members of the household must self-isolate for 14 days.  You MUST inform Nursery if you or a member of your family has a positive test result.

Here is the latest government advice on Managing Suspected and Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Childcare and Educational Settings.


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