In 2022, we continue to follow COVID-safe guidance from the UK government, Oxfordshire education authority, and the Early Years Alliance. We have a responsibility to mind the health and safety of all children, staff, and their families. We are now in a period of no regulation and covid falls under the same category as other highly contagious illnesses and is to be treated as such. However, as best practise we still maintain certain extra measures which help to prevent spread of covid as well as other common illness.


We carry out extra sanitising of the room during the day and staff frequently wash their hands and use sanitiser. Meal tables are sanitised before and after meals. High frequency touch points (e.g., door handles, taps) are sanitised regularly during sessions. We ensure good ventilation of the indoor space.

As always, we continue to support children to practice good hygiene at a developmentally appropriate level. We only eat our own snacks and drink our own drinks, we catch our sneezes with our elbows, we put our tissues in the bin.  Children are supported to wash their hands more frequently than usual. This can include when they arrive at nursery; each time they come in from outside; before eating or drinking; after using the toilet; after sneezing, coughing, or blowing their nose. 


If your child is unwell in any way, or has any symptoms of Covid-19, please do not bring them to nursery. We ask you to keep them home until they are well again.

If you have symptoms of Covid-19, please do not accompany your child to nursery, and stay home until you are well. Your child can continue to attend, as long as they are well. We ask that an adult who is also well to bring them to nursery.

Staff or volunteers with any symptoms of Covid will stay home until well again.

If a child were to develop symptoms of Covid or develop any illness during a session, they will be cared for individually by a designated member of the team, away from others, while we arrange for a parent or carer to collect them. The designated staff member may wear a face covering, and any other recommended PPE in this case.


Prospective families are welcome to arrange a visit to nursery. We may still request visitors to continue to wear a face covering indoors: if there is a local outbreak of covid for example

We are continuing to manage drop off and pick up at the door as this has proved very successful and enables us to begin teaching at the start of the day promptly and to help the children gather their own belongings and a get ready to leave with independence at the end of the session.

We ensure that each Key Person gets a turn to manage the door and be available to parents regularly at drop off and pick up times. If parents would like to have a longer conversation with their Key Person this can always be arranged as well as communicating via FAMLY.

If your child is still settling in, feeling uncertain, or needs more parent support for any reason, we continue to encourage you to accompany them inside for settling in. Emotional wellbeing remains a very high priority for us at Lake Street.

Other visitors to nursery (e.g., maintenance workers, professionals visiting children etc.) will be following the guidelines of their particular employer and we may request they wear a mask if there is a known local outbreak of covid for example. Usually those professionals working with children will not be required to wear a mask.

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