Rhyme of the Week

Each week Nursery has a new rhyme or song of the week.  We say or sing this each day at group times.  Songs and rhymes are great for communication and language development. Often our rhymes relate to the time of the year or a topic e.g. winter time, road safety, or they may relate to an area of learning such as maths or a song with lots of actions to support our developing physical skills. we include signs and actions to help everyone join in even if they have little English or spoken language.

Rhymes and songs are great ways to support small children in their language development: children quickly learn new rhymes and songs and using them gives lots of practise of listening to sounds  – an early way to learn phonics – my hearing and repeating the sounds through song and rhyme.

On the Nursery Noticeboard the Rhyme of the Week will be available for parents and carers to learn and sing with their children.  There are many sites on the web where you can find children’s songs and rhymes.  The BBC is a good starting point.